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The Passing
Bring to me a better day
Bring the passing of this stage
Allow me the courtesy of desired mystery
To guide me in finding my own way
Beyond true beauty lies a secret
A fear of becoming any reject
Find the hidden as craved to know
And hurting will cease from any regret
I regret no pain with past forgiving
I deny no feeling from ever leaving
I hold onto all gifts disguised
Where a secret will become my receiving
I have hidden my craving beneath the covered
Hoping in time the truth will be discovered
:icondauntedskylar:DauntedSkylar 3 0
Beauty beyond what's seen
The beauty beyond what’s seen
The melody beyond what’s heard
The eyes may not have foreseen
And the memories may never occur
Time is passing with every night
And daybreak brings forth something new
Don’t rest when asked to fight
For a future is fought for by few
Be different from the rest
Be encouraging to all who may see
You do not need to be the best
Only inspiration that all others want to be
Respect the wisdom of aged mortals
Let them teach you in mistakes made
Do not resist to addressing morals
Wish that you might experience the same
Enjoy each day until dark rises
And then sleep the night away
Dream of approaching surprises
Rejoice in timeless delays
:icondauntedskylar:DauntedSkylar 6 0
Mature content
Mistress :icondauntedskylar:DauntedSkylar 1 0
To trust with one’s heart
To let go of all fears
To appreciate the past
To accept all the tears
No judgments on sight
But understanding the soul
What’s wrong feels right
And all breaks are made whole
The past is the past
And the future could be bright
If I forget about the last
Few years I had to fight
So time for me to feel
That which scares me so
A feeling that feels so real
My heart now needs to show
Insecurity is what remains
After realizing we are all the same
When people’s opinions may judge
Where I realize this isn’t a game
And although the name that’s on my heart
Will never be uttered by me
My heart will never deny the past
Or the memories you shared with me
:icondauntedskylar:DauntedSkylar 2 0
Insecure in the decisions, made by the blinded mind and expressed by the heart, one often finds one’s self in a place created by confusion and doubt. Where decisions made are taunted by the temptations of the alternatives, potential happiness disguising its utter being. Knowing is so uncertain and indefinite, that feeling entirely secure with any decision becomes impossible, and within life entirely relevant. How is one to truly know existence is as it is meant to be, and that the path you are on, you were always destined to take? The possibility of being deceived to believe that the feelings one may be hiding entirely confuses that which is felt. The heart cannot be followed blindly, for often the heart is misdirected, trusting that which is a lie. Respecting those who portray only arrogance and being broken to the sole, again, by he who was not even worth it the first time. So how is one to rid the thoughts of being near the fork at the end of the road, when the path that you a
:icondauntedskylar:DauntedSkylar 1 1
Over looked
Why is it so hard to remove one’s self from a situation that is defined by unwanted circumstances, born from simple fear? We reside in comfort where we spend more time convincing ourselves that we are happy, that the true meaning of the word soon becomes lost in translation. Where, reality is no longer craved, desired or dreamt. Only lived through precaution of that which could rip us from our unintended space of comfort. We aim to achieve, and perform to improve, yet others hold the power of decisions. Where, being overlooked for the potential demonstrated is so often the failure of being in a situation that now defines your worth as irreplaceable, limiting the opportunity for progression. How could it be so easy to dream for a future you crave to fight for, when the challenge of fighting is so endless? Where, life could hold such beauty in potential that will never be seen by the eyes of the one that dreamt it, or be remembered in any memories created by it.
Limitless in impres
:icondauntedskylar:DauntedSkylar 1 0
Life’s journey seems all but tired, where the hardship encompasses our being. When life is but a memory, and the future is not worth seeing. Life seems to be structured, on this interpretation of right and wrong. Where some must fall while others succeed, and all pain explained by making us strong. I deny these illusions of being explained, and refuse to be classified according to what is understood. For difference is where true beings are formed and the mind excels the limitations set by another who fears to have dreamers dream a better future that has been granted to himself. Limited by that which others refuse to share, and broken down by the words others speak to better their own self-worth. No praise will I give to those who are unworthy and no time will I allow to those who are untrue. For life is too short to spend on that which is not truly meant for you. Why should life be granted unwillingly, but be decided by another’s fate? Too far have the eyes been betrayed, b
:icondauntedskylar:DauntedSkylar 3 0
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Newest Deviations

Lost in the Dark
Inspired by demons
Inspired by angels
Inspired to new lives
And an old life haunts
Drug fuelled nights
Drunken boy lost in light
Feelings become lost
And futures become dark
A purer form of ecstacy
Corrupted from within
Pulled away and torn apart
I am a creature of sin
Born a libertine
Yet never truly free
Dreams of life serene
How can that ever be
I hide behind my veils
I cower beneath myself
Who am I
And what will I become?
:icondarkest-jade:Darkest-Jade 4 3
Angel of Chaos and Rebirth:
Phoenix wings and ashen skin
Ever in flux in controlled chaotic motion
Saving lives through fiery trials
Burning away the fake
Searing light reveals only truth
Angel of Words and Thoughts:
Deep thoughts and speech through powerful lips
Words that heal and words that make you feel
Using those words that are only real
Reading the words with open eyes
Knowing your mind with linguistic power
Angel of Strength and the Moon:
Powerful wings in the light of the moon
Stronger than the darkness
Moving mountains and unstoppable
Shining moonlight
Guiding those in deepest darkness
Angel of Colors and Happiness:
Multicolored wings and soft smiles
Bringing joy with light
Painting new worlds with expert hands
Making the mundane come to life
Being the muse of creativity
Angel of Purity and Love:
The final angel, beyond this world
Purest skin and the love of a mother
Every word made of pure music
Every movement part of hypnotic dances
Eyes that have seen and always see
:icondarkest-jade:Darkest-Jade 3 3
Hanger by Darkest-Jade Hanger :icondarkest-jade:Darkest-Jade 4 1 Dark Jade by Darkest-Jade Dark Jade :icondarkest-jade:Darkest-Jade 2 3 Taken Flight by Darkest-Jade Taken Flight :icondarkest-jade:Darkest-Jade 3 2 Ocean of Dark Light by Darkest-Jade Ocean of Dark Light :icondarkest-jade:Darkest-Jade 4 2
Restless Angel
Restless angel
Where do you go on those dreamy nights
Across blue skies and endless oceans of sea green
Restless angel, don't fly too far
:icondarkest-jade:Darkest-Jade 5 7
Caged Light by Darkest-Jade Caged Light :icondarkest-jade:Darkest-Jade 4 8 Life Waste by Darkest-Jade Life Waste :icondarkest-jade:Darkest-Jade 5 2
I will hold you, if only for a moment
This soon shall pass
Let your tears fall now
Their trails will heal your heart
Let go your anger
Open your hands and let it go
Do not be consumed by hate
For your heart has such powerful love
Know that as you sleep peacefully tonight
I will hold you tight and keep the demons away
Even if only for a while...
:icondarkest-jade:Darkest-Jade 4 1
Chaos in Motion by Darkest-Jade Chaos in Motion :icondarkest-jade:Darkest-Jade 4 5 Peace by Darkest-Jade Peace :icondarkest-jade:Darkest-Jade 5 0 Content by Darkest-Jade Content :icondarkest-jade:Darkest-Jade 6 5
She was too far above the clouds to hear his call
My heart whispers
Softly into roaring winds
Will she hear my words
Or see my falling tears
I want to reach out
And yet my arms
They will not move
Stiffened by my fears
Wishing to feel you
Fingertips on soft skin
Passion fueled fire
You light the spark within
:icondarkest-jade:Darkest-Jade 2 0
Memories of Home
Picking up the pieces
Of your broken heart
I will keep them safe
I will help them heal
Stitch it together
Sewn to hold forever
I will work to the bone
No matter what it takes
I will be there...
Trying to bring you memories of a happy home.
:icondarkest-jade:Darkest-Jade 3 7
Tired Youth by Darkest-Jade Tired Youth :icondarkest-jade:Darkest-Jade 5 5




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Honestly all I want points for is to share the many things I want to share with the amazing and beautiful people I've had the honor to meet here.

You've all shown me new perspectives on the world, filled my heart and mind with words in ways I never thought possible and created works of art to challenge those of the old masters.

I thank you all. Also I'd do the whole Llama and watch for points thing, but honestly I Llama every page I visit and watch pretty much everyone that catches my fancy :P

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My attempt at a return

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 13, 2016, 8:55 AM
I know I have been gone for far too long... and I don't know to how many of my messages I'll be able to respond and how long it will take. But things here were pretty downhill for a bit and now they're even more downhill. I got pretty close to rock bottom and it scared me... 

Trying to pull my life and everything together again. Hopefully I can actually get that right. It's been far too long for me being here, a place where I always felt safe and accepted by beautiful and wonderful people. I have missed your words, I have missed your art, I have just missed being able to talk to you. Really if only I could explain how much insanity has entered my life I don't even know where to start. 

I have learned that no matter how much you think you know and how things are going, they can change in an instant. This could be my actual return or it could be the death of me... but I definitely have seen things change. 

As always, love you all. 

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